Burger King ad exposes America

  Just as I pulled into my office today I heard a radio announcement for the new Burger King Family Bundle. So I jumped online and found this press release to uncover the details. I find this “bundle” VERY telling of America in several ways.

Maybe we are doing this wrong

So I was watching a speech over on TED.com. If you haven’t been there…wait until after you read this because I may never see you again. It is AMAZING. Here is the speech ==>> Surprising Science of Motivation Basically the speech was about how we reward people wrong.

The day my in-laws spoke up.

Well after a ton of Facebook messages I think it is probably time to tell the part of my story that involves being confronted by my wife’s parents.

Make huge money milking frogs

Just yesterday I got off of the phone with a professional friend of mine who was super excited about ANOTHER webinar that is going to show some secret to making huge money milking frogs on youtube or some super obscure trick one person did and duped a bunch of people out of their gas money. […]

10 months to marriage

I think it would be helpful if you sort of knew how I operate. I met Katie June 27, 2009. I married her May 13, 2010. That is 321 days or 10 mo 16 days. For most people including our parents this was complete insanity. I guess your take away is that I don’t think […]