Be the Grand Poobah of introductions

According to Wikipedia… Grand Poobah is a term derived from the name of the haughty character Pooh-Bah in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado (1885). In this comic opera, Pooh-Bah holds numerous exalted offices, including “First Lord of the Treasury, Lord Chief Justice, Commander-in-Chief, Lord High Admiral… Archbishop of Titipu, and Lord Mayor” and Lord High […]

Don’t get mad at your bean sprouts!

You have heard certainly before that business is alot more like farming than it is hunting. Despite hearing this, most professional expect the results that hunting has the potential to offer. Think about it. Do you scope out the land, find the perfect timing, set the bait, and wait for your next kill? Sounds like […]

What we didn’t know…

At the time of this silly photo Katie and I were already pregnant with number 3. We were at a wedding of a couple of good friends and they had one of those photo booth things that are automated. Why act normal when someone else is paying is my philosophy. So we got this pic […]