10 months to marriage

I think it would be helpful if you sort of knew how I operate. I met Katie June 27, 2009. I married her May 13, 2010. That is 321 days or 10 mo 16 days.

For most people including our parents this was complete insanity. I guess your take away is that I don't think like normal folks. I would have married her the day I met her if that would have been an option. I was, however, on a mission trip and I had lectured 50 times to the 26 teens on the trip with me that they were not traveling to find a date, they were there to serve.

Here is a picture of exactly where we met.

The map marker is where I was standing when my life changed forever. The house at the bottom center of the photonwas my wife's pet project while she was there. And I spent most of that week flirting with her in the church in the upper left of the pic.

Here is how I think: when I see something that is right for my life, I just know, and I go for it. It not working out is not an option. I literally mean my brain sees 1. Will this work out? A. Yes. There is no B. Option. Now I don't tackle everything but what I do tackle I go for it. Sorry, tackle is way to aggressive a word for the tender way I pursued Katie's heart, though looking back I wouldn't have minded tackling her. ;)

So I did what any reasonable person would have done then. I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year, who was on that trip by the way. I told the University of New Mexico they could give the scholarship I had just won into the business school to someone else. After that semester I dropped out, quit my 2 jobs and moved to Brookings, SD on January 17, 2000... "to see about a girl".

That spring was spent planning the wedding. 2 Days after the wedding we moved to Olympic National Park and lived at Lake Crescent Lodge. No complaints.

My pursuit of my dreams lead me into the financial mess of 2010. Does that mean I should have pursued something else? By no means. If you wanna see the view from the top you gotta climb the mountain. It is the lake of mosquitos on the way up that will discourage you. My lake was the system we are told to follow. Oh the stinking system. My guess is that you are following the system right now. I suggest picking up some mosquito spray. More on the system later.

I gotta run.



F2F, Lifeclint