50% Happy

A 2009 study of 60,000 adults broke our happiness out into 3 main areas. Biology, Attributes, and Mental. Let's break down each one to see how in charge of your happiness you really are. Biology 50% - Yup...the study showed that 50% of your happiness has to do with your what is going on with your body. At first glance you may say...well crap...I didn't make me, so I can change this part. Well you are right and you are wrong. You are right that you didn't make you, but you CAN change your biology. Think about it. Your health is a simple reflection of what is going on inside. And your health is very much a GIGO system. Remember that from back in early computing days...Garbage In...Garbage Out. I would venture to say that you have ALOT to do with this 50% of happiness. Crazy to think that eating that extra slice of pizza and not walking that extra block and skipping yoga TRULY affects your happiness.

Attributes 10% - This is stuff like your beauty or talents. I would say that we have the least impact on this but it is one of the areas we spend the most time fussing over. So plastic surgery will make you at most 10% happier.

Mental 40% - This is the area most truly happy folks have mastered and most grouchy folks downplay. Literally how you think affects your happiness. You could be the healthiest person in the world and have beauty and talents galore and still score a failing grade on happiness. Conversely you could be in shape, normal looking and have your mental game in check and get an A or a B.

Ok...I am just going to go ahead and say what I have wanted to since reading this study. Lack of happiness is your fault. Who else is in charge of your biology, attributes, and mental game?