Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Book Review

It is obvious that Chris appreciates a good adventure. The first 5 words of the book are, "For days, I'd been searching..." If you are a runner, especially one with chronic injuries, then you should really pick up a copy of this book and dive in. A few friends of mine, former team sport mega-jocks, also read Born to Run and they either didn't believe it or further cemented their idea that runners are sissies. Any book that spends most of its pages describing middle-aged folks who regularly run 100+ mile races certainly doesn't qualify as a sissy book in my library. I think they were confronted with 2 truths: 1. Unfortunately in the team sport world, running is punishment, 2. The idea of a 50 something over weight barefoot man being able to kick their ass in a foot race was too humiliating. Either way, I found it inspiring.