Don't get mad at your bean sprouts!

You have heard certainly before that business is alot more like farming than it is hunting. Despite hearing this, most professional expect the results that hunting has the potential to offer. Think about it.

Do you scope out the land, find the perfect timing, set the bait, and wait for your next kill? Sounds like hunting and most of the sales industry to me. The theory is that if you just know your target audience enough that you can time the perfect kill. Hunting and gathering societies did exist for a very long time. You moved with the game and sharpened your skills and tools.

We then realized as humans that farming, though slower, reaps months or even years worth of food instead of just days or weeks. We could work the soil, plant the seeds, and keep out the weeds and let the sun and rain do their magic and we harvested fields full of ripe food.

Did you know that a typical ear of corn has about 800 kernels? So you plant 1 kernel and get 800 back. And that is if the stalk only produces 1 ear of corn. Now that is a return on investment. That'd be like shooting 1 arrow and killing the whole herd.

Of course there is this little 4 letter word we love to hate, time. Yes, you have to wait for the harvest to come in. The trouble is that you drive around and see other people harvesting their fields and you think it must be time to harvest your. Except you never bothered to plant it. You were to busy out hunting for your next kill.