Invite your way to networking success!

So I am going to assume that you are a member of some sort of networking group. Let's say BNI. You attend every week and get referrals now and again, but nothing like you really want. Let me encourage this simple yet extremely powerful little tactic: When you get a new client, bring them. That's right. Have them meet you at the meeting and introduce them to anyone and everyone. All of my best clients are ones that I had great relationships with. Let me tell you, I don't know any business professional in any industry that doesn't like to meet other professionals.

And guess what? This is great for your group. They get to meet someone who could someday become their client, or better yet, referral partner.

So right now you are probably thinking to yourself, "Ok self, what in the world would I say to a new client about what and why they should go with me?" Is that about right? Well here are some actual scripts I used that worked like a charm.

"I don't know if your business values referrals as much as mine does, but I thought you would like to meet my referral partners. They might even be able to pass some more business your way. How does that sound?"

"I am meeting with a group of local successful entrepreneurs this week and I was wondering if you would join me?"

"You know, I have a {insert profession} that I would really like you to meet, are you available {insert meeting time and place}"

I have never ever been turned down. Ever. Professionals are magnetically drawn to other professionals. Go ahead. Give it a whirl and leave me some comments.