Unless an idiot dies, he won't be cured.

This applies to members, referrals, payments, contracts, deals, etc. Some people are just bad at business. They either can’t figure it out, or they cheat. Either way, they rarely, if ever, change. To be a ninja at networking you have to develop your ability to identify these folks. One of the perks and strengths of a good networking group is that everyone becomes friends. One of the drawbacks and weaknesses of a good networking group is that everyone becomes friends. Often, in good faith, we will throw a new member a bone. We might let a late payment slide, or a missed meeting, or a referral not followed up with. However, in my 7 years spent in networking groups typically if someone treats the group with lack of poise and concern they will always treat it that way. It is best for the whole group is this person goes away.

This is where the friendship factor comes in and messes things up. Often that new member, is a good friend with someone in the group. So when the new member starts showing their negative tendencies what often happens is that we disproportionately extend grace as a collective group based on the good standing of the older member/friend. This seems all well and good but this is not camp and these are not 5th graders. When a business person delivers a sub-par performance in the group it needs to be dealt with immediately. There have been times where I had a few emails flying with rumors at 8:30am and by 10am I had gathered all of the parties involved in a room at someone’s office. I was prepared for a knock-down, drag-out. I had a 1 strike policy. If an adult business professional cannot learn from their mistake and correct their behavior in the future then you need to recommend a local day care where their skill set will be more appreciated.

Ninja motto: Make idiots disappear immediately.


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