Since 2003 I have been launching B2B and B2C products and services. Some of these took off, somewhere sold, some were shut down. I am always working on several project simultaneously.


in development: Studio Be

Studio Be is a podcast studio focused on producing and distributing high-value content from the upper Great Plains. We are currently looking for more high-quality shows to produce.


Current project: alluvio

Alluvio is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on micro and small businesses that are working towards their first $1m in annual revenue. We offer hourly consulting, FLOWS, and business systems upgrades. We have two primary specialties: upgrading online businesses that ship physical products, and improving COGS for small-batch manufacturers.


past Project: Measurable Management

Measurable Management® is aimed at team leaders, supervisors and first-line managers. The objective of the Measurable Management® Program is to develop a customer-focused culture that will translate strategy into measurable outcomes by engaging these team leaders to facilitate change.


past project: Amigas

Amigas is a mentoring program for female entrepreneurs. We launched the Alpha of this program in November of 2017. We are currently in Beta which began in August of 2018. Clients aka Amigas get day to day mentoring from our team via private Slack channels. We believe the future of this program is in creating a bot/human hybrid mentoring model. The bot will answer the day to day business questions and the human will deal with the personal and emotional parts of entrepreneurship.


past project: The bakery

The Bakery was an entrepreneurial co-working space focused on supporting thinkers, doers, and creators. During the 2-years of this project being live we served over 500 entrepreneurs directly as members and another 1500 as learners online and in workshops. Additionally we served the community at large via events. We hosted over 500 events that had nearly 20,000 attendees. There are currently dozens of businesses in Sioux Falls that launched out of The Bakery.


past project: FLUXXR

Fluxxr was a web development and marketing firm based in Sioux Falls. We built web solutions for mid-size companies around the country. We also consulted on a variety of odd marketing projects including professional athletes, school districts, and online boutiques.


past project: voice of eden publishing

At Voice of Eden Publishing we maintain a large email list, blog, and social media presence for the purpose of selling ebooks and products in the natural health space. We published a dozen books and sold various products. We traveled the world to interview experts and create content and trainings.